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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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funding brutal jihad as rebel groups to overthrow governments to somehow bring about stability and democracy are either dismally stupid or consciously running a very brutal con game but that's just my. guess. and i work for. my father is the way you are here and an assistant to the man i'm speaking with here vice president of seat anyway district one chris shelton one of the groups c.w.a. represents the rising workers and as of june two thousand and twelve the horizon workers he represents have been working without a contract for over a year except this round of contracts is different the rising is trying to break the union everything my father worked for his whole career could be gone within his life so many of the bush people who are many walks of life that recognize that we are the not percent of the time of record profits of rising disaster very safe
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people that have made them look at it and in a rich corporation that they now want to you will benefit acceptable from up they want to feel the rise that it should be the poster child for corporate greed because of all the money they make and what they're trying to do to us and everybody else at the body say it's about saving a million dollars next year what do you think that this car negotiations is really about this car negotiation is about destroying our standard of living this is cooperation is trying to get what they want that they've been trying to get for the last twenty five years and we cannot let them and that's right occupy wall street smarts is no message for exactly the same corporate greed is destroying this country and we cannot let it we have very close ties with the communication workers before september seventeenth we were already supporting the fall markers and responded by supporting us we went through their last rally at headquarters they marched back in the park with us and some of them slept there they're going to be in a tough straw. that's why we're getting this relationship with labor labor scenes is
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relieved they are i never expected when i first started contacting unions that the response would be so enthusiastic but the labor movement has been kicked around now for quite a while and they have to fight and they see people fighting and they see their fighting the same enemy and they see the reaching out this movement has shown such an eagerness to reach out to the mainstream of the american public and the unions represent the organized part of that the focus on the one percent and the first time in an american movement i don't even think in the thirty's that the communist party did this in their mass work i don't even think they identify the enemy as the ruling class mr speaker. mr vice president. members of congress distinguished guests and fellow americans last month i went to
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andrews air force base and welcome home some of our last troops to serve in iraq. together we offered a final proud salute to the colors under which more than a million of our fellow citizens bought. and several thousand gave their lives we gather tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has made the united states safer and more respected around the world thank you thank you thank. you to want to get a standing ovation from both democrats and republicans just the wide view the bottom line of the military industrial complex which just so happens to the benefits of every congressional district in the country somebody really believes that the undisputed greatest player of violence in the world. makes us safer and
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more respected i mean come on that kind of attitude is not going to earn anyone any nobel peace prizes or anything they wish members of the norwegian nobel committee. citizens of america. and citizens of the world. i receive this honor with deep gratitude and great humility george orwell would have had a hard time coming up with this are we really this delusional you see the more honest we are with ourselves about exactly what our foreign policy is the better chance we have to stop some of the truly horrific conditions it visits upon many of the people of the world so say it with me the us foreign policy is a blowback inducing homicidal bull in a cultural religious and geo political china shop didn't change. there was tragic. crime. down. to the. city.
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but he was mad. it was not right. that. i served in iraq in two thousand and four in two thousand and six i was in the second battle of. enough allusion november of two thousand and four as a human being and as a person who has a heart i can't lie to myself anybody else and say that we had a reason to be there that there's a reason for the million iraqis that died in the five thousand troops said we say we're the greatest country in the world but we go and kill you know people in their country but we don't stop genocide in africa we don't help people that we can help that would be the greatest country in the world if we can save a million people instead of killing them and people if you're not convinced our foreign policy is morally bankrupt perhaps we should talk about money. in united states have need one point four trillion dollars for total war spending in iraq and . stand since two thousand and one never wondered what one point four trillion
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dollars would buy well it could be the end you will energy costs for every household in america for five years but i hear you saying that would not do very much to decrease our dependence on foreign oil there enough one point four trillion dollars could convert every home in america to one hundred percent solar energy. is over or it could convert every home in america to one hundred percent wind energy knowing times over for groceries for everyone in the country free for two years or to provide scholarships to every college student in america and award them a fifty five hundred dollar grant seven times over the more turn all volunteer firefighters into full time employees and pay them a full salary for twenty three years or pay the full time salaries of every public school teacher for the next six years instead we took one point four trillion
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dollars pay a small black ops team to hunt track and kill osama bin laden oh we even had money left over in the budget to decimate two countries launch hostilities resulting in over one million innocent civilians dead and counting ask yourself how many orphans are going to bed with clenched fists tonight in afghanistan or iraq who grow up willing to fly a plane into the building and how many trillions are we prepared to spend on avenging that and then. you can do everything go to school and not just go to school but excel in school work really really hard and i graduated and really had the feeling a lot of the time very consciously in my head that. i might as well. you know i mean. was there reason for me to be in debt good evening of all the time bombs in the american economy. set to explode with dire consequences this is
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a big one staggering debt from student loans everyone is told a college education is a way to get ahead college tuitions though keep going up so does the borrowing and we just hit an awful milestone our nation's combined student loan debt has now hit one trillion dollars that averages out to twenty four thousand per student it's now larger than credit card debt in this country and it comes just as an entire generation is just starting out. the.
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year ago anybody would have predicted that. we would. be out of new york city. something. we journalists. has at. all the people. on the global stage with affordable education. it is a tale of justice isn't fit to hold. did them do it is crazy when
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congress raises loan limits schools respond to those increased loan limits by raising tuition because they think that students can afford to pay more because they're actually allowed more money nobody really has the option to expect to get a comfortable job. to go to college we don't have an unskilled workforce anymore we are for the workforce that we have right now it's socially irresponsible not to go to school because the entire workforce is predicated on higher education i think our education system hasn't caught up to our economy and that's one of the problems and that's that's where this problem is coming and that's why people are speaking up that's why that i'm hiring here there are no bankruptcy protections for any student loans this is the only one and all of us history that you can't ever default on you can ever discharge this suv a car see the idea of debtors union is based on the labor union model and what they did effectively when our economy was very different when there was so-called unskilled labor they negotiated with the factories for better working conditions so
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that they could go back to work just that same way you do you debtors union could renegotiate a better contract arrangement with our lenders so that we can repay our loans is employing an autonomous strategy of refusal so you were fused to do something you're saying no to something in favor of making things better. phrase. is really to believe and by truth and the sooner we get to know the world this is just all these effects are some. so whether it's b.p.
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dumped about so. the tar sands i think are the size of florida at this point in alberta i was really interested in the tar sands protests this summer because to see thousand plus people getting arrested like that willfully it was pretty amazing radamisto of you. is tar sands oil is not at the gulf in order to get tarzan's oil you ask to destroy and so i think that you know finds out the pipeline but what happens after that and you know and i know there's a standoff with big oil i think so i think so i don't think it's the environment going to magically go itself because we stop a pipeline and then the thing about the pipeline and one reason that makes it so urgent is that that nasa scientist james hansen who broke with warrior actually a few decades back for whatever. says that the pipeline is it will be game over. game over means out in front on the inhabitable earth.
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news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images of world and seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day. we speak your language any time of the war not against. the music programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little turn to keep angles keep these stories. for you here. in troy altie spanish find out more visit.
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it's a. little. bit . little. loafer. we. take a piece. we're reading it as we go and i think that until
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people who are the naysayers come down and actually get it all. there's. a good dose of rarity here so steve the criticisms were ok so the dialogue and we want people to be able to deliver it to take time. that we can't force or we're not ready to. because we see a better world. because of the. you know this organization of the second that any american dreams. were created. was.
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ok it's time for intervention you know was the this intervention at the end you know the show you all this stuff and then they sit around somebody who has issues and problems and they talk about you know how badly that person has done and what they're going to do if they don't change their behavior and for us we're dealing with folks who have a serious addiction to corporate money don't you think. that we can expect them to get off and on their own even on that in the smoking a crack for money. i mean crack rock if they're easily addictive somebody who was cool six years ago snuck up on a crack rock this is not the occupy movement has become a conduit to venue for talking about this corruption and so folks that move to amend the real. in my mind i. said in the bar for the critique that corporations are not persons property not speech constitutional rights are for
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people over eight hundred fifty six and dred scott the same supreme court so that people are property dred scott affirm slavery in two thousand the supreme court said property is people killed decisions i didn't see was it was that i was present for the bottom telling them how about cutting the money should be the culmination of individual documentations coming together with a secular purpose to get to where they come from to fill in that much to make it clear cut because. they do not have been here e-mailing about.
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the way that money is not political speech thanks. to the incoming he's committing to doctrines must be about why we cannot overturn corporate functionality and still allow wealthy individuals just didn't have enough money oh thank you. i think of. you all talk. monstrosity look around at the power monopolies have you noticed i like this double
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our society should we get swedish like us use the excuse that someone's got to listen put for a show the wind as it is not good the old they don't build on the backs of the more it's brothers we're told forgotten the thing we're all taught by our mothers should have been the people of the us the payoff. for all the here we have the most you see all the bull run to the small of his parish rocks like. that are just the records the race is our creation. because. he was the cause of this was because he was thank you thank. god. that people are
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realizing it very least that the way our economic system currently runs is not democratic it's not an official to the vast majority of people and till we have some kind of economic democracy where in the past majority of people in their communities and in their workplaces have more decisions over what these corporations do if we want to have corporations and all then political democracy is a sham and then the you look at the military but you don't see the new troops but you do see spends as much as the whole world somebody at a time when our infrastructure is literally a deep level grade according the american society of civil engineers we get a decent these days drip is the future of our economy very for structures going to work and so if you face of those two issues which are you just going on fear the one percent. in the military industrial complex suddenly we are solutions to the issues he's selling his money to invest in the new green sustainable economy.
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selling his money to reform and rooms that waste the energy so you can turn roads into solar panels that's not possible we like. our money was raised on it. right the. right. place and it was to some other target like the rest. of the earth like the red streak. we are right. here now. they say that the occupy movements major victory to date is that we have changed the conversation that people are now debating issues such as wealth inequality at
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this point i think we can all agree there is no debate there is inequity when it comes to wealth period full stop and it is growing and the super rich are not super rich because of some force of nature like summer morphing into fall or heat always going to cold they are super rich as a result of their active participation in or their willingness to be accessories to criminally rig the homicidal force of a system what the occupy movement has done and why people armed with nothing more than an idea are being suppressed often violently is to acknowledge that most all of the issues are connected to anti-war activists or through health care reform advocates or housing or labor rights advocates will thank the reform advocates you name it are now all shining a light on the root cause of inequities. see our foreign policy does in fact limit our options when it comes to health care reform a shareholder capitalism one that demands growth every quarter is directly
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contributing to the assault on collective bargaining issues the american dream itself the way it is understood by many as a mistress rags to riches anyone could be a millionaire greed is good grab the most toys before you die each rose should be you and i used for the greater good and the birth of a new american dream based on equity sustainability and the general welfare of the people should be brought into being and by people i mean people not corporations i was here during the game for not ration. it was a martin luther king day. two thousand people total strangers were out of each other on the streets were having conversations across class and race lines and all the sudden we felt oh. well so this new better you can't there's no messiah going to get elected by this system and deliver hope and change we can believe in so how will the occupy movement that has wisely staying away from
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promoting political parties or individual politicians navigate the minefield of the potentially co-opting force that is the presidential election cycle now this year is just going to be nuts we've never seen this much money spent on a political process in the history of the world. and this comes at a time for a movement that is determinately to. this mad influx of money and politics so it's going to be a really scary contrast and the challenge of this movement is to create a counter narrative is to show that the justice of its cause is more interesting than anything these candidates can put on television i mentioned at the beginning that this movie is an invitation for you to join the arctic. but there are no membership dues no papers to sign all that is required is the willingness to see the world as it is and decide that you are going to be part of the solution occupy
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is less of an organization and more of an organism a living breathing multi force that refuses to find mishka will be pushed into a corner of this organism is still a baby and the narrative it will be telling in the years to come is yours to write what's your alternative but isn't it time to believe that belief in to listen to people listen to you willing to keep coming to your kitty feel. the disability to sit in judgment. didn't you. just smile and. thankfully kind of said it better myself so when they say why occupy what will your answers the first time in decades people were really discussing does the world have to be this way and how
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can we bring a better world into this historical lesson the kids who would like to read about it privately coming back and coming back a bit because. they knew they could change the place i actually think from then on.
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it's a. juggling job. to hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another well behind that which is how to influence things situations steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office
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and found banners hung around the office and lots of strange faces around someone and said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police have the police come in through the mount that didn't seem to be a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business and in the more kristie it's one person one fold but in brussels business it's one euro one fault. download the official publication to yourself choose a lie. stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or just doesn't do so now with your mobile device you can watch our t.v.
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anytime anywhere. i live on. the street. i wish i. could. play.


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